How to Style the perfect luxury table

Elements of Styling

There are so many elements to setting a perfect table….

What style would you like? Modern, traditional, boho, classic, vintage? There are so many style options.

What colour scheme would you like?

Would you like your whole setting to be very luxurious and high quality or would you like things a bit more casual but still high quality?

Everyone’s style is different and everyone’s definition of what is luxury is different too.

Choosing a Style

Choosing a style is probably the most important decision.

The style you choose is kind of a reflection of who you are, so it is important for you to sit down and take time to decide on important style elements you would like.

Luxury style for some people is having high-end brands in everything, for others, luxury style can be something that is so unique and great quality that it is also considered luxurious.

Once you decide on your style, stick to it.  The key is to keep it uncomplicated, don’t throw in too many elements as the quality and luxury elements will get lost.

Correct Tableware

A very important element to setting the perfect luxury table is making sure that you have the correct tableware on the table to accommodate the food and beverages to be served.  It is also important that all your tableware is in the right place, particularly the cutlery and glassware.

Other Important Elements 

Lighting – Lighting is so important and in my opinion, you can never have too many candles for a special dining experience. The type of candlelight will depend on the style you want to achieve, but candles are a must.

Flowers – Then, of course, you must have beautiful flowers. The combination of gorgeous tableware and stunning flowers is all you really need.

Linens – If you choose to have linen as part of your table setting, then linen should be freshly pressed and high quality.  Consider adding colour and texture with your napkins. It can make a subtle but stylish difference. Don’t be afraid to play with colour.

Stationary – It’s a bonus if you decide to add beautiful stationery like menus and named place setting tags, but this goes back to the style you would like. Beautiful menus and named place settings adds little more luxe to the table.

Clean Tableware – Make sure your tableware is clean and polished. I get out the white cotton gloves to ensure that everything is shiny and clean and finger print free.

Table for Louis has tableware for hire to suit any luxury style you decide on and we also have the expertise to style and set any table you desire. The options are endless!

Here are some beautiful dining experiences featuring all our luxury tableware and styled by some exceptionally talented stylists – The Events Lounge and Hayley Cravigan Events