Christmas Styling at Home

Crafting the Perfect Festive Tablescape

Tis the season to transform your home, and what better way to start than by curating a Christmas Day table that captures the magic of the holidays? As the festive fervour envelops us, it’s all too common to find ourselves swept up in the whirlwind of holiday preparations. We’re here to guide you through creating a breathtaking table that mirrors the enchanting posts you’ve been saving on Instagram. From selecting the right colour palette to choosing the most captivating decor elements, join us on a journey to make your Christmas table a gathering place and a visual masterpiece that brings joy and memories to life.

Infuse Timeless Elegance

While embracing modern aesthetics is undoubtedly enticing, there’s an unparalleled charm in weaving the timeless traditions of Christmas into your table styling. Capture the essence of nostalgia that resonates with every family member, creating a festive atmosphere that transcends trends.
Delve into the allure of classic elements, elevating your table with the enchanting glow of candlesticks, the delicate radiance of tea light holders, and the exquisite sparkle of crystal vases. These traditional styling choices evoke the magic of Christmases past and add a touch of warmth and sophistication that modern designs often miss. Let your table tell a story of enduring traditions and festive elegance this holiday season.

Mix and Match Glassware

Transform your Christmas table into a captivating display by embracing the art of mixing and matching glassware. Like the exquisite crystal and vibrantly coloured goblets that often linger in the shadows, reserved for special occasions. Let them take centre stage as the foundational elements of your festive table. 

Mix and match with Table for Louis’ luxury selection of glassware styles at the table. 

Blur the lines between styles, seamlessly integrating a variety of wine, champagne, and water glasses for a visually stunning tapestry. The charm lies in the eclectic blend, and this is the perfect occasion to unveil your most cherished pieces or partake in the rich history of family heirlooms. 

Now is the time to let your glassware tell a story of sophistication, making each sip a celebration in itself.


Have Fun with Colour

Infuse your holiday gathering with joy and visual delight by boldly experimenting with various colours across your plates, cutlery, and glassware. Begin by selecting a cohesive colour palette that resonates with the festive spirit—traditional reds and greens, elegant golds and silvers, or a playful mix of bright hues. 

Choose plates in varying shades or patterns, creating a dynamic visual interest that engages your guests. Complement the plates with cutlery and utensils in coordinating tones, or dare to contrast with gold accents for an extra layer of sophistication. 
When it comes to glassware, mix and match colours to add a whimsical touch to your table setting and allow your creativity to flow freely, embracing the vibrancy of the season; remember, this is the time to play with colour, tell a story with your choices, and set a festive ambience that reflects the joyous spirit of the holidays.

Christmas at Home Table For Louis Style

Want to know how Judy will be styling her table this year? Don’t worry we asked.

“My sister is hosting this year at her beautiful new home on the beach. I will be helping to set the table for 20 people. The room where I will be setting in has stunning beach views and has lots of neutral tones with hues of deep blues and gorgeous hints of sage. I love the colour sage and I think silver is very on trend (I know people normally gravitate to gold for Christmas) and I think silver will go nicely with the greens and blues… this year I am using our new Noritake Rochefort silver cutlery and I am bringing in sage linen napkins. To tie in the blue I will use our new Sierra blue tumblers with our Modern crystal glassware. Waterford tableware with silver rims will finish the look. 

Centre pieces of fresh flowers, tea lights and luxe white and silver bon bons will be the finishing touch. 

I wish every one a safe and beautiful Christmas.”

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