How to elevate corporate and branded events

How your brand can leave its mark

As more brands and businesses transform themselves to communicate their values, personalities and points of difference, this should also trickle into events from product launches to award nights.

Whether you’re an event planner, a professional responsible for organising a corporate function, or a PR representative aiming to create a lasting impact, this blog will guide you through creating business events that engage and connect.

Set Clear Objectives

Determine the specific goals of your branded event. Are you looking to build brand awareness, foster client relationships, showcase a new product, or reinforce your company’s values? Having clear objectives will guide your event planning.

Choose an Appropriate Theme

Select a theme that aligns with your brand identity and event objectives. The theme should be a natural extension of your brand, whether it’s elegance, innovation, eco-friendliness, or any other characteristic.

Find the Right Venue

Select venues that match your brand identity. Think outside the box; you don’t need to go to the traditional corporate event hire space. What about an art gallery? A location with a stunning view? Or would your brand be more at home in a rustic outdoor setting? Consider how the ambience connects with your brand personality.

Decor That Speaks

Ensure that every aspect of the experience embodies the colours and style associated with your business. Don’t allow conventional choices to limit your creativity; we thrive on crafting settings that genuinely mirror a brand’s personality.

Whether through the use of coloured goblets or golden cutlery, every detail serves as an opportunity to link your attendees back to your brand. High-quality, well-curated decor elements can reinforce your brand’s image and communicate your commitment to excellence. It’s a subtle but powerful way to leave a positive impression on attendees.

Why styled events mean better business

Corporate events that authentically showcase a brand’s personality and values matter because they are pivotal in building strong connections with internal and external audiences. 

According to a study by Eventbrite, “87% of consumers purchase a product or service after attending an event, and 85% are more likely to become regular customers.” This highlights the power of well-executed events in driving customer engagement and loyalty.

Successful events that reflect a brand’s identity are not just gatherings but strategic tools for growth and fostering brand loyalty

Attention to Detail

Luxurious table settings and decorations showcase your attention to detail, often associated with professionalism and competence. It tells your guests that you’ve put thought and effort into creating an exceptional experience for them.

Creating a Memorable Experience

Luxurious table settings can make a lasting impact on your attendees. When they sit down to a beautifully set table with fine china, crystal glassware, and elegant centrepieces, it elevates their dining experience and makes the event more memorable. This can lead to positive word-of-mouth recommendations and future attendance.

Incorporating bespoke table settings and other decorations is about creating an immersive experience for your attendees. It’s an investment in the overall success of your corporate event, as it can lead to increased engagement, positive feedback, and a lasting impact on your guests. When done right, it transforms your event from a run-of-the-mill gathering into a memorable and luxurious experience.

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