How to Choose a Wedding Table Setting Style

Embarking on the wedding planning journey is exciting and brimming with many choices. However, it can feel overwhelming at many points and have you wondering where you should start. Among the paramount considerations, the ideal table setting style takes centre stage. Your table setting establishes the ambience of your wedding and crafts an enchanting dining affair for your nearest and dearest.

Let’s explore some essential tips to help you choose the wedding table setting style that suits your vision and personality.

Define Your Wedding Theme

Start by identifying your wedding theme or style. Whether you’re going for a classic, rustic, modern, vintage, or eclectic look, your table setting should align with the overall aesthetic. Your theme will serve as a guiding principle for selecting tableware, linens, centrepieces, and other decor elements. At the start of the wedding planning journey, many ask suppliers why the theme matters. Your theme sets the overarching parameters for colours, inclusions, ambience and more. It is your north star.

Consider Your Venue

The wedding venue plays a significant role in determining your table setting style. A formal ballroom may call for traditional and elegant table settings, while an outdoor garden wedding may inspire a more rustic or bohemian look. Take into account the venue’s architecture, colour palette, and atmosphere when making your decision.

Choose a Colour Palette

Selecting a colour palette for your wedding is a significant decision that can impact the mood and atmosphere of your special day. Reflect upon the colours that hold personal significance for you and your partner, as they can be an excellent starting point for your palette. Consider the overall theme or style of your wedding, whether it’s rustic, vintage, modern, beach-inspired, bohemian, or something unique.

Colour is everything at the moment. A huge trend for all styles.

A popular choice among our clients is to infuse colour into their table settings by choosing from our numerous styles of luxury coloured glassware. We offer coloured crystal stemmed goblets by Villeroy and Boch, Broste amber and smoke grey glassware, the modern Sierra range, and the Alto coloured stemmed range.

Your glassware choice should also compliment your flower or napkin selection, together they will offer a touch of sophistication that can transform your wedding reception into an unforgettable experience.

Mix and Match Tableware

Achieve a unique and luxurious look by mixing and matching tableware elements. Consider incorporating different patterns, textures, and materials. Table for Louis offers an extensive collection of high-quality tableware, including elegant china, glassware, and flatware, to create a personalised and opulent table setting.

Leverage Linens

Table linens are an important part in your table setting. The choice of tablecloths and napkins can dramatically impact the overall look. Opt for perfectly pressed, slightly textured luxurious table cloths for an elegant feel, or choose rustic textures like crushed linen, cheesecloth and cotton for a more relaxed vibe.

Enhance Connections with Centrepieces

Our favourite centrepieces are tables full of luxury flowers and candles. Candles set in our Waterford crystal candleholders or our beautiful crystal votives add a touch of elegance and are always perfect for setting that stunning ambience. Consider floral arrangementscandles, lanterns, or unique decor items that align with your theme. While taller arrangements may look striking in images, consider how that will work when all guests are seated at the table and the style of meal serving you will have, such as shared plates.

Personalise Your Place Settings

Add a personal touch to each place setting with custom place cards, menus or small favours. The style and colour of your menu can add that final touch to your chosen theme. Crisp white high quality paper for formal menus with delicate gold calligraphy or handmade cotton paper menus with delicate print for your garden party theme. 

You will often find beautiful stationary sitting pretty on our luxury dinner plates. Choose from our dinnerware range to complete the look. Explore our diverse dinnerware range to select the perfect pieces that complement your vision. 

Getting It Right

Choosing the right wedding table setting style involves careful consideration of your theme, venue, colour palette, and personal preferences.

At Table for Louis, we can provide expert guidance and access to the finest, most elegant table settings. Our experience can help you bring your vision to life and ensure perfect detail.

With the help of our luxury hire services, we can create a table setting that wows your guests and leaves a lasting impression on your special day. 

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